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How Much Does Life Changing Smiles Cost?
Invest in Your Smile and Health with Dr. Jonathan Ouellette in Central Florida

Woman smiling

How Much Does Life Changing Smiles Cost?
Invest in Your Smile and Health with Dr. Jonathan Ouellette in Central Florida

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Why is the Price of Dental Implants and Life Changing Smiles Worth the Cost?

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Your smile is the first thing people notice when the meet you. When you have a great smile, it opens up new opportunities for you that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Just like hip replacement, knee replacement, or other surgical procedures, the Life Changing Smiles procedure requires specific knowledge on the part of the dental team, expensive materials, and costly equipment to do the surgery correctly and precisely.

Doing the procedure has the genuine ability to really improve your life. It makes you feel confident, and with permanent teeth like Life Changing Smiles, your new teeth become a part of you, you can eat what you want, laugh, play, and enjoy lifelike it’s meant to be lived! Most patients that get the procedure waited years before doing it, and all that did wish they had done their procedures years earlier. Don’t wait, request a consultation today!

Comparing Life Changing Smiles by Ouellette, All-on-4, and Snap-on Dentures

When considering all the many choices you have, we want to make it easy to make a decision. While All-on-4 or All-on-6 New Teeth in A Day is a brand that has some recognition, we want to inform you of the shortfalls of that system and compare also to a more traditional (and lower cost) solution like snap-on traditional dentures. Many people think that new teeth in a day really give you your new teeth in just a single day, but the truth is, there’s a long process prior to that appointment where you get your new teeth installed.

Dr. Ouellette didn’t believe wearing temporaries for up to a year was a good solution for most people, so he designed the Life Changing Smiles system to allow you to truly get your new permanent teeth in 24 hours and be able to go home from his surgical facility in the Orlando area with your new smile!

Snap-In Dentures

Process takes 6-12 months

Requires removal each night to clean

Patient visits multiple specials / locations

40-50% chewing ability with snap-in

Less comfort due to movement


Life Changing Smiles

Leave with permanent teeth in 24 hours

Brush and floss just like natural teeth

Complete process in ONE location

90% chewing ability with Life Changing Smiles

An experienced doctor and a team specializing in the Life Changing Smiles process

$20,000 single arch
$38,000 full mouth

All-on-4 or All-on-6

Typically 1-2 year process

Wears temporary teeth during process

Patient visits multiple specials / locations

30-40% years 1-2, 90% after process

Increased risk of complications and implant failure due to micro-movement


Financing Options for Life Changing Smiles by Ouellette

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