Dr. Ouellette can use implants to replace a missing tooth. From root to crown, they are designed to mimic the appearance and function of your natural teeth. Each implant is made up of a post and a restoration, such as a crown or denture. The post looks like a large screw and is made to be implanted into the jawbone, where the missing tooth’s root would normally go. Titanium makes up the post, similar to a knee or hip replacement device. Titanium also has the unique ability to fuse to bone. This helps ensure the success of a procedure—that as an implant is placed into the jawbone, the dental implant will secure and prevent the bone loss that often occurs with lost teeth.

After the initial post implant, a crown, bridge or denture will then be placed overtop the post. Dream Dental Services at 407-862-7000 or stop by our office to schedule your free 30 minute dental implant consultation, and discuss and plan your dental implant in Altamonte Springs, Florida. During this consultation our team will also discuss your financial options for restorative dentistry.