life changing smiles Six Steps

Older couple smiling at the beach

Six Steps to Life Changing Smiles by Ouellette
What To Expect & What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

Older couple smiling at the beach

Six Steps to Life Changing Smiles by Ouellette
What To Expect & What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

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What to Expect During Your Life Changing Smiles by Ouellette Treatment

With a convenient surgical center in the Orlando area, Dr. Ouellette is a destination dentist where patients can come and visit, get their treatment done over the course of a few days, and return home with a healing arch of beautiful teeth. When your implants are fully seated (4-6 months), then your final Zirconia permanent teeth will be attached! Read below to see what the process looks like for most patients of Life Changing Smiles.

Digital x-rays


First Visit: Consultation & Treatment Plan

The first visit with Dr. Jonathan Ouellette will be a consultation where you’ll discuss your needs and he’ll review your oral health to determine if you’re a candidate.

Once determined, he’ll take digital 3D scans of your facial structure and teeth using the latest digital x-ray equipment, and create a detailed treatment plan for you. His professional team will present you with the procedure costs and financing options if you like and schedule your procedure for (most times) the following day.

On the day of the surgery, you’ll arrive at our office for the procedure. Dr. Ouellette will perform any tooth extractions necessary and place the implants into your jaw. The night after surgery you’ll be without teeth while the custom-milled healing teeth are being created. This will literally be the last time in your life you’ll ever be without teeth!

Dental chair


Second Visit: Surgery Day

man being fitted for dentures


Third Visit: Install Life Changing Smiles Healing Arch

On the day following surgery, you’ll return to the office for installation of your custom-milled healing PMMA arch reinforced with titanium for strength. This arch is designed to perfectly fit your jaw and look 100% natural.

The healing arch is designed specifically to aid in the healing process as the implants installed by Dr. Ouellette fully seat during the next 3-4 months. The PMMA arch helps eliminate the micro-movements that can cause implants to become unstable and ensures optimal performance.

Once we install the PMMA/Titanium arch the day after surgery, we’ll do a detailed oral scan using our iTero scanner to confirm placement and get details to watch over the course of the next few months during the healing process.

digital x-rays


Create New Digital Impressions Using iTero

man being fitted for dentures


3-4 Months Later: Permanent Zirconia Arch

Since dental implants take 3-4 months to fully integrate into your jawbone, we’ll watch the progress and match it to the iTero scan we took during the fitment of your temporary PMMA and titanium arch prior to this visit. Once the esthetics are confirmed and fitment is assured, we’ll design and craft your permanent teeth from premium Zirconia which closely matches the look and feel of natural bone and tooth with ideal translucency, fit, and finish for an incredibly natural smile you can be proud of. Your new teeth are not only beautiful but durable and designed to last a lifetime.

Dr. Ouellette believes this step is missing from many of the other systems out there. He’s fully dedicated to seeing the new teeth transform your life and that means he’s not wanting to just get you in and out and never see you again. A critical step in the process is to confirm the implants are remaining integrated and to do a thorough cleaning of your new arch every six months.

Just like with your natural teeth where you’d go to the dentist every six months for cleaning, it’s important to go into a qualified dentist where you can have the teeth removed, cleaned thoroughly, and the implants checked to ensure the teeth last a lifetime as intended.

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6 Months Later: Treatment Assessment


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